PTC Crypto: Investing in the Decentralized Creator Economy

PTC Crypto invests in the decentralized creator economy along side its partners Kygo, ManagerMyles, and BlockchainBrett. The fund is associated with Palm Tree Crew; the brand, creator network, and venture arm of Kygo and his manager Myles Shear.

Fleek: Build on the New Internet

Fleek makes it easy to build and integrate privacy, encryption, and p2p functionality into your sites, web & native apps. Built on top of IPFS, Textile, & Filecoin, our suite of products allows you to effortlessly take advantage of the benefits of Dweb technologies.

ConsenSys: Balanc3: Quickbooks for Crypto

Balanc3 is a crypto financial managment platform for companies holding and operating with digital assets.

Fordham FinTech Network

The Fordham FinTech Network is Fordham University's home base for leading students and professionals to connect and share knowledge and experiences at the cross-section of finance and technology, with a major focus on blockchain technology.