About me

Brett is the cofounder and partner of Palm Tree Crew Crypto, investing in the decentralized creator economy. He has been an investor and founder of companies in the crypto space for several years.

He cofounded the Balanc3 project out of ConsenSys in 2016 having successfully launched the software app and onboarded 100+ crypto founders onto the platform.

Brett then cofounded Fleek, the leading blockchain developer platform, in 2018 which now has over 40,000 apps and websites on the platform including the majority of the apps in the blockchain industry.

In addition to building crypto products Brett is also one of the earliest and largest NFT collectors (especially crypto art) starting his collecting in early 2018.

Since working with Palm Tree Crew, Brett has handled several NFT strategies for creators entering the crypto space and generated $4M+ volume in NFT sales including Kygo’s and The Weeknd’s. Brett has also been an early investor in many projects in the crypto space including Ethereum, Coinbase, Filecoin, Bitclout, Catalog, Rara Social and more.